Update On The Christmas Kidlets

Michelle’s Note (2.10.11): I found this old post of mine in an online archive, so I’m publishing it again for your perusal:

I think the grinch stole my kids. They’re both fussy, whiny and generally not in good spirits most of the time.

Let’s start by saying wrapped packages and 3-year-olds don’t mix. I take that back. Yes, they do. Too well.

We wrapped CW and AW’s presents and put them under the tree yesterday morning. Of course, CW wanted to open them immediately. We told him that he had to wait till Christmas. So, he refused to eat breakfast and chose to sit in the living room and whine instead.

Finally convinced him to eat and later, laid down to take a nap. Apparently, CW woke up while everyone else was napping — and decided to open every last one of the gifts.

The gifts are now tucked back in the closet, awaiting Christmas Day. Hopefully he’ll still be excited to get them.

AW, on the other hand, has learned to pull herself up to a standing position — and she’s got her first tooth coming through.

I’d probably be grumpy, too.

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