Long Time, No See….

Trying to get ready to move and take care of a sick baby don’t mix. So, I haven’t had much time to snoop around for interesting news tidbits, much less post.

We took AW to the doctor yesterday and apparently, she has the Coxsackie Virus. She has the blisters in her mouth, according to the doctor, but none on her hands and feet.

This all started Saturday evening. She suddenly vomited, forcefully — and continued to do so about every hour for the next six hours. She was also having diarrhea every few hours.

We called the nurseline with our insurance company. They said all we could do is keep her hydrated. (She was nursing fine between naps, but then throwing the milk up 30 minutes later.) The nurse wanted me to take her off breastmilk and feed her pedialyte or some homemade concoction involving infant rice. Yuck! And that’s insane. Breast milk is the perfect food for her — especially when she is sick.

I must admit though, I was very worried and thought for a minute that maybe I should get some pedialyte, although I suspected she would not drink it. I asked at a parenting message board what the members thought and got mixed results.

So, I googled up some breastfeeding your sick baby information from a site I know to be reputable. Her recommendation made sense — so I continued to nurse Aimee a little bit every few minutes (when she was awake) and sent my husband to buy Gatoraide for me.

Michelle’s Note (2.10.11): There was more to this story, but it was not stored in the archive.

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